Profile and History of Silzé Steelworks
Silze’ was established approximately nine years ago by Mr. Jose’ Pias. Since its inception in 2000, Silze’ Steelworks has worked hard to earn a reputation in South Africa and abroad for both technical excellence and also for ethical practices in the conducting of its business. Pursuing this mission has paid off over the years and has provided stable growth for the company. As the company has grown over the years, an ever higher percentage of business has come from client referrals.

Jose’s extensive background & experience in steelwork and other related disciplines; coupled with his need to explore his personal entrepreneurial ambitions led him launch the company.

From the humble beginning of working from the trunk of his VW Jetta motor vehicle with three assistants on the hunt for one or two projects here and there to make a living, Jose’ went on to achieve great success in his business endeavors. Today, almost nine years later, the sweat, toil, hard work, late nights and commitment all paid off. The company is well established with its own medium sized fabrication workshop, has equipment capable of handling general medium-sized industrial steelwork projects and a sizeable motor vehicle fleet.

The company has grown from a small team operation of four people (including Jose’) to directly employing over 38 people and indirectly contributing to the upliftment of approximately 100 people or 40 families.

Silze’ is a majority black owned and managed company with a specialization in medium sized fabrication and large steelwork projects. Our company plans to continue growing through the provision of high quality products and services to our clients. The company’s head office is based in Knights, Germiston but its reach is continental, expanding far and wide through South Africa and even into Mozambique.

The company is committed to excellence and continually strives to provide a flexible, readily available, professional approach in any project that is undertaken. In addition to our own projects, Silze’ has successfully implemented projects for other companies when the complexity level has proven to be beyond their expertise and a significant portion of the Silze’ revenue stream has come from taking over projects that were failing and turning them around.
Our Vision Statement
Our vision is grow from strength to strength through -

our relentless devotion to people – both within and outside of our company

our commitment to delivering the highest quality workmanship and services to our clients at all times

hard work, ongoing staff training & development

subjecting ourselves to constant evaluation & constructive criticism so as to ensure constant growth and improvement

Getting it right the first time
Our Mission Statements

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services at the most competitive prices for our clients.
Our Values
• Love what you do and what you do will love you.

• Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

• Care for your client.

• Never stop learning.

• Never stop dreaming.

• Go the extra mile.

• Be the difference.

Corporate Social Responsibility
  Silze’ was established approximately nine years ago by Mr. Jose’ Pias. Since its inception the company has sought to assist the less privileged. The company’s employment policy is also directly geared towards transformation and up skilling. To this end, the growth plan is organic and employees are given substantial in house training to ensure that they are able to work in most sectors of the company. An overwhelming majority of the staff are black – both in management, administration and at a general worker level. Employees are also encouraged and incentivized to seek further training and hard work and the use of initiative are definitely recognized and rewarded.  
Our Clients